We’ll help you engage your customers with exceptional user experience.

You’ve come to us for a solution that’s customized, comprehensive and aligned with your brand. In today’s complex marketplace, we help purpose-driven companies like your own to create a seamless yet engaging user experience to gain that competitive edge and grow your client loyalty. We know you understand the value of great design and brand experience that we specialize in. Here’s how we do it.

Our Expertise

Evidence-based design

We conduct in-depth user research to make sure that our design solutions meet the needs of your customers. Great design work doesn’t happen in isolation - it happens when you have a well-rounded understanding of where, when, and why users are interacting with your product. Our design decisions are based on evidence from qualitative and quantitative research, not assumptions.

Systems-based thinking

We take a holistic approach to user experience design, considering both the end-user context as well as the technical solution being applied. We’ll provide you with design patterns and components that can be reused throughout your product in a systematic way, including documentation to make sure your developers can deliver on our design vision.

What we offer

1. Persona Development and Journey Mapping

With your help, we’ll dive deep into the world of your customers to understand who they are and how your product fits into their workflow or lifestyle.

We’ll start with a kick-off Co-Discovery session with your company’s representatives to gauge your current understanding of customers, before moving into user interviews, on-site visits, and contextual inquiry to make sure we’ve covered all the bases.

You’ll come out with a set of personas and user journey maps that will provide you and your development team a solid understanding of the people on the other side of the screen and fill in your blind spots.

2. Usability Testing and Evaluation

As part of our evidence-based design framework, we’ll conduct usability testing of your product with representative users from your target market.

This lets us find out what your customers are currently struggling with and why it’s happening. We’ll also conduct a usability evaluation to diagnose common UX issues you might have missed.

You’ll come out with a full report of all usability issues discovered including ideas on how to begin solving them.

3. Visual Refresh and Styling

If you are seeking a product makeover, we’ll work with you on a brand consultation and ideation on how to create the new look and feel your customers will love.

You’ll emerge with a set of brand guidelines and a visual style guide for your product, as well as UI components and design patterns that will get you started on your way towards a fully-fledged design system.